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Scg thailand paper

Packaging Business has emphasized on becoming a leader of total packaging solutions provider in the ASEAN region with the focus on developing and increasing sales of High Value-Added products to satisfy customer needs as well as driving business sustainability through the circular economy concept. Business Challenges.

scg thailand paper

Notable Achievements in Operating Results. Our Passion to Deliver Better Value.

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Business Overview. Business Challenges Domestic demand for paper packaging and corrugated containers continued to increase especially in the first nine months of Moreover, the ongoing US-China trade war may cause some manufacturers of paper packaging and corrugated containers to move their production bases in or out of the region.

Domestic demand for printing and writing paper dropped continuously in mainly due to printed media being edged out by digital media, especially Publication and Commercials segment. Meanwhile, imports of coated paper and copy paper decreased y-o-y. On the contrary, pulp capacity in global market remained stable while demand for pulp grow moderately, causing a steady pulp price. Notable Achievements in Expanding the food packaging business to address the demand for quick service restaurants.

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Maintaining competitiveness in the packaging business amidst volatile market situations in terms of demand and manufacturing capacity. Adjusting the product portfolio to capture market opportunities, particularly products of Fibrous chain.

Located in Malaysia, the company offers wide-ranging products including folding cartons, formed trays, clamshells, wrappers, and bags which have been well-received by global quick service restaurant chains.

Approval to invest in United Pulp and Paper Co.

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UPPC which is a packaging paper subsidiary in the Philippines. The project is expected to begin operations in the fourth quarter of Human Resources Adjusted organizational structure to enhance flexibility and to better address customer demand.

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The company also pledged to create organizational effectiveness by updating process, methods, models, and tools as well as developing the corporate culture, talent and leadership of leaders, enabling them to be role models and fostering strong ties with the company in a sustainable way. Adopted the Innovation Management Process IMP concept to drive innovations and innovative products that can serve the needs of customers in a precise and timely manner.

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Developed the potential of employees to cater to fast technological disruption through reskilling and upskilling together with promoting ongoing learning among employees where they are fully engaged in creating experience and learning themselves.

Equipped employees with knowledge on corporate branding and instilling a mindset about Total Packaging Solutions Provider in order to satisfy customer demand more promptly.

Enhanced communication skills of the Community Relations staff to boost efficiency in communicating with communities surrounding the plants and all stakeholders.

On top of this was learning to strategically devise activity plans that match the needs of the target groups to foster ties with the company and promote sustainable coexistence. Products and Innovation Developed Micro Flute paper for small-sized packaging. It offers a smooth surface to cater to high quality printing and great strength to satisfy the demand of industries for various packaging solutions.

Ideal for consumer products, the grocery bags are sturdy and strong enough to support the weight of the items inside. Moreover, the used bags can be recycled in conformance with the circular economy concept. This offers an alternative for consumers opting for eco-friendly packaging. Packaging Business also collaborated with modern trades and department stores to promote the circular economy concept by encouraging the use of recyclable grocery bags.

The goal was to encourage consumer behavior toward proper use of packaging to contribute to sustainable conservation of the environment and natural resources.Press Release Tanawong Areeratchakul, President of the Chemicals Business, SCG, said that the circular economy revolves around resource maximization — or using resources as necessary to achieve maximum efficiency — and a make-use-return model, which will help us address the global issue of resource shortage.

However, the key to better resource recovery lies in efficient waste management at source, including waste sorting and proper waste disposal, which will ensure that no waste is released into the environment. SCG has developed the Bang Sue Model, a waste management program implemented at SCG Headquarters that seeks to educate SCG employees and encourage them to adopt the habits of maximizing resources, sorting waste, and disposing of their waste appropriately.

Lying at the core of this model is wet-dry waste separation and waste sorting by material type, which makes waste more readily recyclable and therefore more valuable. In addition, the company has developed a mobile application called KoomKah, which makes it more convenient for waste collectors and waste banks to process waste. Rayong is an industrial zone that has been selected for a pilot waste management initiative by the Public-Private Partnership for Sustainable Plastic and Waste Management PPP Plasticwhich the Chemicals Business is a member of and has contributed to the launch of the waste management model in Bang Wangwa in Klaeng District.

In the initial phase, over 6, kilograms of waste was recycled. ForSCG expects to welcome to the Waste-free Community Project additional households and three more communities, namely Islam, Wat Chak Lookya, and Map Chalut-Chak Klang Communities and will continue to support community leaders in advancing sustainable waste management. The Waste-free Community Project, a waste management model by SCG in association with Rayong and the local communities, is a clear demonstration of the collaborative spirit of Rayong residents in the network of homes, temples, schools, waste banks, and municipalities and will serve as a model for the other communities in Rayong and over regions across the country.

The event also showcased the success of the Bang Sue Model and featured educational materials on different types of plastics and how to sort waste to command good prices. Various collaborative green projects for the circular economy were also presented to the attendees, such as the Litter Trap and Smart Litter Trap 4.

Tanawong Areeratchakul, President of the Chemicals Business, SCG, stated that the company strives to innovate high value added HVA products and services by placing a continuous emphasis on research and development. In addition, the company is also using core ideas of the circular economy as the guiding principles for its product design, prioritizing durability, recyclability, and high performance to meet global demand, especially for plastic packaging with greater recyclability.

This collaboration will enhance our potential and encourage an exchange of knowledge in innovation development, enabling the Chemicals Business to offer products and services that not only meet global demand promptly but also have specifications that are better aligned with customer needs. Sittiwat Lertsiri, Ph. The approach aims to respond to the global market demand for greater sustainability and enhance a competitive edge for brands and customers. At the same time, it has increased the proportion of durable plastic usage - one of the HVA products - by developing products based on the Circular Economy which not only be a solution to meet the domestic and international market demand and help improve competitive edge for brands and customers, but also mitigate adverse environmental impacts and reduce greenhouse gas emissions better compared to other materials.

Tanawong Areeratchakul, President of Chemicals Business, SCG, added that Chemicals Business, SCG, has showcased plastic innovation for sustainability at K in Germany, the world's largest trade fair for plastic and rubber, attended by over 3, exhibitors. The fair is a vital indicator of trends and directions of the plastic and rubber industry. Chemicals Business, SCG, presented the booth under the theme of"Passion for a Better World",which demonstrates the company's confidence in plastic innovation built upon the Circular Economy concept as sustainable solutions to the global market demand.

At K, Chemicals Business, SCG, has introduced the innovative concept of packaging that can substitute the Flexible Packaging that consists of multiple non-recyclable film barriers. SCG also showcased the plastic resin solutions based on the Circular Economy which are made of the mixture of special-grade SCG plastic resins and the Post-Consumer Recycled Resin PCRoffering recommended applications of consumer bags, personal and home care bottles and carbonated soft drink closures.

Boyan Slat, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the research and development of ocean waste reduction technology in Thailand. This partnership will give Thailand a global frontrunner position in the development of technologies to intercept plastic waste from rivers to end up in our oceans.

As part of the project a program for precise and accurate data collection on the waste in the Chao Phraya River is included, which can be used to inform studies on waste management as well as resource recovery and maximization as advocated by the circular economy.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Thailand, on behalf of the Dutch government, recently a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with The Ocean Cleanup regarding the installation of an InterceptorTM in Thailand to prevent waste in rivers from reaching the oceans.Under the operational excellent along with the high technology close loop refineryLPP is guaranteed its high quality for various applications.

Color masterbatch, thermoplastic road marking, plastic additive, petroleum wax blend, rubber, cable filling compound, candle. Hot melt adhesive, PVC compound, color masterbatch, thermoplastic road marking, plastic additive, petroleum wax blend, rubber, cable filling compound, micronized wax.

Hot melt adhesive, PVC compound, color masterbatch, thermoplastic road marking, plastic additive, petroleum wax blend, rubber, cable filling compound, candle. Under the operational excellent along with the high technology close loop refineryLPT is guaranteed its high quality for various applications.

Thai Siam Cement acquires Indonesian paper firm Fajar for $665 million

It has an optimal ratio between Slip agent and Antiblock agent. The synergized effect from both substances results in a significant improvement in openability.

WDP is the polyethylene homopolymer wax having unique properties produced from thermal cracking process. Our high technologies and processing control, resulting in good consistency of qualities with uniform color and physical characteristics of wax so it can be used in various applications.

PE Wax Total 12 grades. Show products by. Polyethylene Wax. PA17L creates lubricity coating on the metallic surfaces of processing equipment like barrel and die surfaces. The coating decreases the friction between molten resin and die wall then resulting in surface defects shark skin and melt fracture elimination.

Masterbatch for blown film extrusion, Masterbatch for cast film extrusion, Masterbatch for cable extrusion. It provides an optimal mix between Slip agent and Antiblock agent, achieving a synergized effect from both substances. The result is a significant improvement in openability while yielding higher cost efficiency. Date: 1 Jul The biggest problem for plastic manufacturers is injection.

The problem is usually that the complete form is not injected due to the lack of the stickiness of the plastic. This causes a lot of damage as the products have to be destroyed and reproduced which, as a result, wastes time and energy. SCG Chemicals have always been aware of this problem so we have been trying to find a solution to help. We call this "conjuring" and it is a key solution to increase the capability of injection work.

This product contains supplements that help PE and PP plastics to become more flowing. It can be used with all kinds of plastic including recycled plastic. This product is also suitable for big parts of plastic with complicated structure such as palettes, car parts and electric parts. The flowing component also means that the production time is reduced as well as the energy needed for the production as manufacturers are not required to adjust the temperature to be higher.

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We have consistently been developing the recipe from powder to sheet and finally to the capsules as they are now. Active Flow capsules are very practical as they can easily be added into the production without having to adjust the temperature. Related Finished Products Color masterbatch, thermoplastic road marking, plastic additive, petroleum wax blend, rubber, cable filling compound, candle Properties Test Methods Value Density.SCG Packaging - Fibrous-chain business unit has announced its plan to transfer partly to packaging product since Seeing that demand for industrial label in Asia has been growing over the past several years, SCG Packaging is targeting to produce high quality glassine paper to capture the growing demand in domestic and regional markets.

This first high quality glassine paper production line is located in Ratchburi province with an annual capacity of 60, tons.

Demand Planning (IE)

Valmet will complete the installation by the end of year The company invests over USD 50 million to upgrade its existing asset. While the plant is undergoing an upgrade, the marketing team together with NPI have been working with several customers, both existing and potential ones, to fine-tune the quality requirements to ensure that the products will optimally meet various demands of both local and international customers with an aim to be the first and best glassine paper producer in ASEAN.

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All rights reserved.The company's major shareholder is the Crown Property Bureauwhich owns 30 percent of Siam Cement's shares. SCG employs approximately 54, employees. The products are marketed domestically and exported to all regions of the world.

Cementhai Holding Co. SCG emphasizes research and development. Siam Research and Innovation Company Limited conducts research and development of new products and services related to cement, mortar, concrete, building materials, 3D printing, prefabrication, recycled aggregate, and refractory. InSCG Chemicals acquired 51 percent of Norner [10] for developing plastic and polymer technology.

The award is given by Intellectual Asset Management IAMa leading magazine in strategic management of intellectual property. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Siam Cement. Bang SueBangkok. Net income. Bangkok Post. Retrieved 24 March Retrieved 6 August Global Cement. Retrieved 16 January Siam Kubota Corporation Co.

SCG Paper PLC | Bangkok Post: Business

Archived from the original on 1 March Retrieved 5 August Siam Research and Innovation Company, Ltd. Retrieved 5 December Hidden categories: All articles with failed verification Articles with failed verification from August Use dmy dates from December Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

scg thailand paper

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Vajiravudh, King Rama VI.With our commitment, we — Siam Kraft Industry Co. Web browser support IE v. Thai English. Coated Grey Back Duplex It is a type of coated duplex which has basis weight ranging between and grams per square meter. This duplex is a suitable material for the production of beautiful packaging. With more than 80 percent of its content made of recyclable or recycled materials, it reduces the use of natural resources while boosting high printability.

With its content is made completely of recyclable or recycled materials, it reduces the use of natural resources while boosting high printability. TD-Duo is the liner that is made completely of recyclable or recycled materials, thus making it reduce the use of natural resources. T R is the liner that is made completely of recyclable or recycled materials, thus making it reduce the use of natural resources.

TTF is the liner that is made completely of recyclable or recycled materials, thus making it reduce he use of natural resources and certified by FSC. Siam Kraft Industry Co. Bangsue Bangkok Thailand.Location: Bangkok, Thailand. We noticed that you are already a member of our Talent Community. Please enter your password to continue. Not you? We noticed you have accounts in our "Talent Community" and "Application" systems.

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scg thailand paper

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