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950 jdj revolver

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Please reload the page and login again. Go to Catalog. Got One to Sell? Lot SSK Industries. Open Fullscreen. Item Views. Item Interest. Manufactured by SSK Industries, this enormous rifle pushes the envelope in size, raw power, and rarity. This rifle is designed to fire a cartridge based on the 20xmm Vulcan Cannon cartridge, shortened, and necked up to match a.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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950 jdj revolver

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950 jdj revolver

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950 jdj revolver

Features: Custom long animations, scope with glowing crosshairs for night use, lightning effects, multiple ammo types, and of course, the ability to one shot most things.

Leave a thumbs up if you enjoy! Dev note: Spawn tables coming soon If you love this mod and want to play with it on an upcoming server, please join here! Crokii 10 Apr pm.

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Lucifer 29 Jan am. Morron 28 Jan pm. Blender 2. Cmndrboomie 23 Nov, am. Any modded creative servers that has this mod in it? Share to your Steam activity feed. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Sign In Create an Account Cancel.There are some antitank rifles that produce more, but nothing comparable in both energy and bore diameter in the sporting realm.

The cartridge cases were originally made from 20mm Vulcan cases trimmer down to a mere 70mm case length, with custom made lathe-turned cases replacing them when brass Vulcan cases became too difficult to source.

The gun itself weighs a bit over 60 pounds, with nearly a third of that in the muzzle brake alone. Most of the guns made by Cobray are pretty awful, but one can at least understand the market they were made for.

The Terminator is different, because it really is rather incomprehensible who would have […]. The Colt House revolver, better known as the Cloverleaf and sometimes as the Jim Fisk Model was the first revolver Colt designed from the ground up for rimfire ammunition.

It entered the market in[…]. Unfortunately there was no accompanying documentation. A unique folding extension stock—it would […]. Your big friend seems to want grizzly bear on the table tonight!

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And if I am not mistaken about terminal ballistic behavior, a random stone wall would offer little protection. Cast bullet determines technology but no material, assuming Plumbum-Stibium alloy is used it would give rather poor armour-piercing capability. Okay, I suppose that my idea was a bit too idealistic for the attacker. Suppose the rifleman shot a Kfz.

Kind of a pity that Rock Island got this item. Speaking of eyes, I like how it appears to be drilled and tapped for a scope base on the receiver, in the typical place.

Meh… Anzio Iron Works makes a magazine fed bolt action in 20mm — not as big diameter bullet, but vastly more powerful. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Site developed by Cardinal Acres Web Development. Contact Ian.

950 jdj revolver

United States. Share this: Reddit Twitter Facebook. Artillery — usually yes, antitank rifles — not necessarily see kb ppanc wz. My retinas say NO. Just so a scope can be positioned riiight in front of your eyeball. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Most weapons, from.

These are the biggest of the big. Some are impractical showpieces built to satisfy the outsize egos of dictators such as Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein.

Others are pure demonstrations of extreme gunsmithing. All of them pack a punch.

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The Tsar Cannon was cast in bronze in and weighs 40 tons. Its inch bore and could fire about pounds of stone grapeshot, earning it the nickname the Russian Shotgun. It was never fired in anger and seems to have been intended mainly for display. Regent Boris Godunovwho ruled Russia in the late s and 90s, described it as a way of overawing the local population and terrifying visiting ambassadors.

Napoleon wanted to take the Tsar Cannon back to France when he captured Moscow inbut left without it. The big gun is now a popular tourist attraction outside the Kremlin arsenal. InAdolph Hitler asked artillery-maker Gustav Krupp whether he could build an artillery piece to defeat the new French Maginot Line.

“Fat Mac” – SSK Industries’ .950 JDJ Rifle

Krupp's suggestion: a giant cannon with an cm inch caliber. Hitler ordered two. Named Gustav and Dora, after Krupp and his wife, each ton cannon required its own train to move it and took three days to assemble. They could fire concrete-piercing shells weighing seven tons—as much as a bus—over 25 miles. The huge cannons arrived too late for the war against France, but Gustav devastated Sevastopol in the then-USSR during the siege, firing up to 14 rounds a day.

Both guns were broken up at the end of WWII. Japanese monster battleships Yamato and Musashi were fitted with nine But though these guns had an effective range of some 26 miles, they were of little use in real combat. By the time they launched at the start of World War II, aircraft carriers had begun to eclipse battleships. The Yamato once did get close enough to engage U. Bombs and torpedoes sunk both ships. The gauge of a shotgun goes down as the caliber goes up. For instance, the standard 12 gauge is equal to a 0.

These formidable weapons were used for commercial hunting, bringing down whole flocks of wildfowl with a single blast.Looking for something with a little more punch? Well J. Jones and his team at SSK Industries have created a truly big boomer — the. As its name implies, rifles chambered for the cartridge have a bore diameter of 0.

As crafted by SSK Industries. It is also possible through a lot of workto use a 20mm cannon casing shortened and necked-down. The primer pocket is swaged out to accept a.

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That 3, grain bullet is just massive — it weighs more than half a pound. The cartridge propels its 3, grain bullet at approximately 2, fps.

This yields a muzzle energy of 38, ft-lbs and a momentum of The energy on target knock-down power is comparable to WWI-era tank rounds. Similar Posts: Beyond. Share the post "Monster. So far NO mention of any kind of accuracy. Big is cool but can ya hit anything with it.? Of coarse it the ultimate squirrel riffle you shoot the tree down then you club the squirrel??

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Mail will not be published required. Leave this field empty. April 25th, Monster. Permalink - VideosBullets, Brass, Ammo. Robert Whitley says:. May 31, at pm. Guy says:. April 16, at pm. Gerry says:. April 17, at am. Mehul Kamdar says:. May 1, at pm. ELR Researcher says:. April 25, at am.The SH. It is built on an specially designed frame, the McMax frame, which was developed to handle the muzzle energy and pressure generated by the.

It is the most powerful revolver in the world, even outclassing the Pfeifer Zeliska. Unlike conventional large-caliber revolvers, the SH. This is due to the extreme amount of free recoil the cartirge creates. In a lb 50Kg rifle it will develop over foot-pounds J of free recoil if an efficient muzzle break is not used. This is far beyond the shoulder-firing capacity of nearly every person. Shooting such rifles is known to cause severe injuries if no heavy "lead sleds" or similar shoulder rests are used.

HO employee Abby's extraordinary physice allows her to wield the revolver like a standart weapon, thus rendering her the only person capeable of using it. It was concived to create an apropriate weapon for HO employee Abby.

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The first prototype was completed in The first prototype was constructed from ultra-light plastic polymeers and carbotanium, a type of carbon fiber with thin inlays of titanium string.

This made the weapon extremely durable and even allowed it to be invisible to metal detectors. Despite being able to withstand the ingnition pressure of the fired. Numerous attempts to strenghten the weapon's structural weaknesses were made, using solid titanium beams inside the hollow carbotanium shell, the weapon was ultimately too light to be handled by Abby with solid accuracy. The second prototype of the SH.

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The steel cast added the neccesary weight to the gun and increased the accuracy as well as dampening the recoil to an extent. The handle houses a solid slab of conventional special steel to compensate for the leaverage weight of the large Krieger barrel and muzzle break - the muzzle break alone weighs in at around 8. The revolver has a total weight of In Early Decemberthe prototype was considered finished.

Firing the SH. There exists a scope for the revolver, along numerous other accessories, tough non of them have ever been used outside of testing.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.The SSK. This means that the rifle could be bought and used by any American citizen that is at least 18 years of age without a criminal record, just like any Title I rifle; if the company did not receive said exemption, the rifle would have been classified as a Destructive Device due to having a rifled bore of more than 0.

In spite of its weight 50 kilograms or poundsrecoil is substantial, and it is only practical to fire it from a shooting rest. Because of all these features, the rifle has little practical use, other than being a "range queen", which is a weapon brought to a firing range primarily for a fun time, and just for the sheer spectacle of it being fired.

Only three were produced; one with a matte black finish and the other two in "camouflage" finishes, with one being blue and the other green.

The matte black rifle was the first to be produced and is the lightest of all three rifles, but even then is extremely heavy at 50 pounds.

950 jdj revolver

SSK ceased production of the ammunition in The rifles use McMillan stocks and have extraordinarily thick Krieger barrels, with a 18 pound 8. As such, the rifle is not meant to be shouldered and is usually fired from a bench rest or a heavy bipod. To load the weapon, the bolt is removed and the rim of a round is inserted into a U-shaped retainer in the bolt face.

The bolt is then re-inserted and the bolt handle moved down carefully to lock the action: this is necessary to prevent the firing pin dropping if the bolt is closed too sharply. This style of reloading is rather similar to other big bore rifles, such as the Maadi-Griffin and LAR Grizzly Big Boar ; this is referred to as a "shell holder" bolt.

The three rifles weighed in between 50 to pounds, with each having a different sort of recoil compensation method. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. One of the three rifles with a blue camouflage finish. Categories :. Cancel Save.

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